Setting the Pace

A famous LA sunset paints the sky at our first Network event. Though our clients are surrounded by beauty all day selling high-end real estate, even they take a moment to soak in the view while tucked away high in the Hollywood Hills. As they gather together against the backdrop, someone snaps a picture, immortalizing the occasion.

While vibrant colors dominate the space outdoors, inside it’s all about neutral sophistication. Towering white ceilings and sleek grey marble fill the $24.5 million home. In addition to being a piece of architectural artwork, the house is a functional haven packed with amenities: a spa, a tennis court, a wine cellar. Today, it also contains $15 billion—about a dozen real estate agents who have sold a collective total of over $15 billion worth of property, that is.

What is The Network?

So, what exactly is our Network? To put it simply, it’s an invite-only referral and marketing group consisting of particularly impressive agents. They’ll oftentimes have impressive statistics in regards to sales volume. They’ve frequently won some of the top awards in real estate. They’re always knowledgable experts in their field. But the most important thing a Network member must have—the number one quality we look for—is a forward-thinking attitude.

In order to join The Network, agents must go through an application process. In addition to being a top performer, they must also embody and support our goal: to be innovators. Despite being one of the largest industries in the world, much of real estate has yet to benefit from the advantages of tech. Our Network, however, is changing that, eagerly embracing new technology.

Meet The Network

Jade Mills

Just what kind of people are involved in the Network? For one, Coldwell Banker’s International Ambassador Jade Mills—a woman who is globally recognized as the top luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills, our company’s first client, and this event’s co-host.

We could spend all day discussing Mills’ long list of achievements, but among the most impressive is the fact that she has done over $5 billion in sales throughout her three-decade-long career. Everyone from A-list celebrities to tech moguls have sought her out when looking to buy and sell property in the Los Angeles area, and it’s easy to see why. Priding herself on loyalty, integrity, and expertise, Mills radiates professionality and knowledge. A frequent keynote speaker, her generosity and passion for helping others has made her one of the most respected agents in the business.

Not everyone in our Network is a Beverly Hills property guru, though. The Network is as eclectic as it is elite. Agents from all over the world are part of it, ranging in experience and location. Take, for instance, the Midwest’s #1 agent Dawn McKenna and San Diego real estate magnate K. Ann Brizolis.

Dawn McKenna

After just a decade and a half, McKenna has already surpassed the $1 billion mark in terms of sales. McKenna hit the ground running as soon as she got her real estate license, her ambition and drive causing her to be named Coldwell Banker’s Rookie of the Year in 2003. Chicago’s most prominent athletes, TV hosts, and lawyers frequently flock to her when looking to buy or sell in the area. Her energetic and detail-oriented approach to real estate also caused her to be named to Crain’s Chicago Business’ “40 Under 40” list and featured in the Wall Street Journal.

K. Ann Brizolis

Brizolis has racked up her own $1 billion over the years. Residing in Rancho Santa Fe for the past 30 years, Brizolis’ expertise about the area is simply unmatched. Brizolis’ unwavering ethics and dedication to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of her clients make her a trusted source, and her natural leadership skills have allowed her to establish a top-of-the-line team. She is consistently ranked in the top 1/10th of all 1% of agents in the United States, and the Wall Street Journal recognized her as being in the top 100 of all agents in the nation.

Notable Names

Those three agents are just a snapshot of the vast and diverse talent pool in our Network, as there are over a dozen more powerhouses. Other prominent members include Napa/Sonoma Wine Country expert Ginger Martin, the Bay Area’s Billy McNair, Calabasas’ Dana and Jeff, and Tomer and Isidora Fridman, who specialize in multiple markets including LA, Europe, and Israel. As you can see, it’s truly a worldwide reach.

The Tech Effect

Because technology is at the core of our company, it makes sense that it is at the foundation of our first Network event. A professional video production team attends, conducting interviews as well as capturing the stunning views and buzzing energy. Social media never sleeps, and as you look around, you’ll see agents streaming the event, posting to their stories, and exchanging handles with one another. Everyone here knows it’s not enough just to keep up with the pace—you have to set it.

Unite and Conquer

Another thing at the heart of the event is, well, heart. Real estate is a natural breeding ground for competition, but that doesn’t mean the competition can’t be friendly and motivating. It certainly doesn’t mean agents can’t have some fun together.

Before settling down at the main estate, agents in our Network went on a listing tour throughout Beverly Hills, complete with cocktails and good conversation. Later, they’re headed to dinner at Catch LA, a sleek rooftop bar nestled above the lively streets of West Hollywood.

The event’s venue is stunning, and the vibe is pretty amazing, too. It’s incredible to see what can happen when top real estate agents come together: tips are traded, technology is shared, and an industry makes a move toward the future.