Find out how to set yourself apart from the sea of other real estate agents with these tips on how to market your unique skills and expertise on your website.

The Internet is a digital ocean teeming with competition. In the world of real estate, agents are continually battling to earn more leads, more clients, and more sales. So—how do you stand out in this sea of agents?

One of the best ways to set yourself apart and gain a competitive advantage is through marketing your unique real estate skills on your website.

Your homepage, blog, resource pages, and landing pages offer you the invaluable opportunity to showcase your skillset and highlight your areas of expertise. Through your content, you can let your personality, knowledge, and experience shine through.

How to Market Your Real Estate Skills

When it comes to marketing yourself and your skillset, you can follow a few guidelines to boost your success. These include:

• Speak to your audience

•  Highlight what sets you apart

• Be available

• Don’t be afraid to be yourself

• Showcase your expertise

• Give your clients a shout out

• Ask for feedback

• Highlight your current projects

Speak to Your Audience

To engage with your audience, you must be able to communicate effectively with them. There are two ways to speak your audience’s language, and both can be used simultaneously: keyword research and industry terminology.

Keyword Research

Determining which words or phrases your audience uses to search for your skills is essential when it comes to marketing your knowledge and services. If you double as an interior designer with a knack for staging, target related keywords and incorporate them into your content. For example, you could write original blogs about your experiences doubling as a listing agent and a professional stager (and how your complementary skillset landed a quick sale.)

Industry Terminology

If your audience errs on the professional side, it is a good idea to match your vocabulary with theirs. This gains credibility, builds trust, and helps sets you apart from others who may not know the terminology.

Highlight What Sets You Apart

What makes you different from all the other real estate agents in your area? Do you have decades of experience in the industry? Have you an established niche buying and selling with celebrity clients? Do you have legal knowledge? Experience with virtual staging?

Consider the skills you have that make it worthwhile for clients to hire you over the competition. Describe how your skills or expertise helped you achieve success in the past, either in the form of blog posts, online portfolios, or in a special section on your website’s homepage. Most importantly, describe how your unique skill set will benefit your clients.

Your expertise may benefit clients in ways that are concrete or vague. Examples of substantial benefits may be speedy sales or continual legal counsel along the way. Unclear benefits may include peace of mind or greater confidence in selling.

Whether the benefits of your skills are vague or concrete, it is absolutely crucial to demonstrate how hiring you specifically will satisfy your client’s needs. Show them how hiring you is the answer to their problem!

Be Available

Sometimes, the one thing that sets you apart from your competition—and lands you a client—is availability. Your clients, and your followers, will think much more highly of your brand and come to trust you more if you are consistently available. If other agents are not as available as you are, whether through email, social media messaging, or comment boards, you will be the obvious choice for prospective clientele.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

One obvious aspect that sets you apart from the competition is you! When marketing your unique skills on your website, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Let your personality shine through your content, your headshot, and even the design of your website.

Showcase Your Expertise

Don’t be shy when it comes to showcasing your expertise. Your specific knowledge and skillset could be just the thing clients are looking for in a real estate agent. Some ideas for broadcasting your knowledge base are blogging, resource pages, webinars, and even e-books.

While e-books are not the most popular thing on the Internet, they are a helpful tool for educating your followers. Not only can they be short, but e-books are also handy in that they can be downloaded as PDFs for future use.

The thought of writing an e-book can be intimidating at first, but when broken down into a few simple steps, the process isn’t so bad. Some helpful tips for creating an excellent e-book include writing accessible and valuable content, checking against spelling and grammar errors, and ensuring that your formatting is easily readable. If you aren’t comfortable publishing content right after writing it, simply recruit a friend to read it over or run it through many online editing tools.

Give Your Clients a Shout Out

One way to prove your success as a real estate agent is to list out your previous clients (with their permission, of course). Whether you have an ongoing list on your homepage or a series of blog posts, being transparent about your successes is a great way to verify your talent.

Ask for Feedback

Another great way to prove your skillset and set yourself apart is by asking your clients for feedback. Direct quotes or full reviews are an excellent way for clients to speak to your abilities and can quickly be published on your website’s homepage. Reviews also boost potential clients’ trust, confidence, and even excitement to hire you.

Highlight Your Current Projects

One of the most enjoyable ways to market your unique skill set or knowledge base is to let your followers and clientele know about your current projects. Whether you upload a blog post about the last home you staged and sold above list price or share a link to the book you just wrote about first-time homeownership, these projects will boost your client’s trust in you and set you apart from other agents.

Ways to Market Your Skills and Know-How

While all of these tips are helpful, you may be wondering about tangible ways you can market yourself on your website. We have a few suggestions:

Host Online Seminars, Workshops, or Courses

Many real estate agents simply settle with a functioning website consisting of a homepage and a link to listings. A great way to stand out is to host seminars, workshops, and even courses on specific topics of expertise to highlight your knowledge.

Social Media

Connecting with your followers and client base consistently is an excellent way to market your unique skills. Start conversations about specific topics you are exceptionally knowledgeable in, post photos or copy about your latest projects, and answer any questions your followers may have.

A Professional Portfolio

Portfolios are a great way to highlight your skills in a professional, organized, and easily viewable manner. You can share your portfolio by including a link on your website, having a dedicated portfolio page on your website, or simply make your portfolio your website!

A Marketing Mastermind

From showcasing the skills that set you apart to using the language your niche expects, there are many ways to market your unique real estate skills on your website successfully. By following the guidelines above, you will undoubtedly give yourself a foot up in the ocean of real estate agents you are competing with.