Case Study: How We Generated A $1.5M Listing Through Google Ads With Less Than $4,000 in Ad Spend


Generate seller leads in an extremely low inventory market.

Our client Taylor Lucyk wanted to generate high-quality seller leads through Google Ads.

The Solution

Utilize Google Ads to target homeowners in Taylor’s market who are searching for terms related to “what’s my home worth?”. We then sent this traffic to a high-converting Home Valuation landing page offering a free home valuation. Once the lead was captured, we then routed that lead to Taylor’s database where his sales team followed up with them.



We generated over 46 seller leads, one of which ended up being a $1.5M listing our client closed.

Spent a total of $3,565.46 in ads
Generated 46 Leads at a Cost Per Lead of $77.51
Closed a $1.5M Listing (other leads are being nurtured)
Generated $45,000 in GCI (12.62X ROAS)

Based on hundreds of reviews from top agents

Trusted by over 20 of the top 100 WSJ agents in the US