Future-proof your business for the next era of real estate

Get the tools, solutions, and strategies you need to protect your buy-side commission and thrive in the post-NAR settlement landscape.

What’s Changing

What You Can Do*

  • No buy-side commission field on the MLS

    Promote it on your website instead

  • Buyer contracts are required before touring homes

    Use a mobile app to get them signed on the go

  • Buyers will interview multiple agents

    Build your brand so you stand out

  • Buyers will be more price sensitive

    Show your value in an amazing buyer presentation

  • Buyers will question your value as an agent

    Find unique value-adds, like off-market listings

  • Consumers will be confused and seek knowledge

    Create online resources like buyer’s guides

*) This does not constitute legal advice. Local regulations may differ. Consult with your broker before implementing.

Elevate the buyer experience

Deliver unique value to your clients, outperform their expectations, and make the experience effortless with the Presence Copilot™ app.


Branded collaborative

Improve collaboration and keep buyers engaged
with collaborative boards where you can share listings,
notes, photos, and other curated content in one place.


Mobile buyer contracts

Make executing agreements easy and seamless
with contracts your buyers can sign from
their phones in seconds. Coming in fall 2024.


Off-market listings

Offer buyers the ultimate value-add with
off-market listings they can’t find
anywhere else. Coming in summer 2024.

Communicate your value

Build trust and loyalty by educating buyers about the settlement changes and providing clarity and transparency to the market.


Beautiful buyer presentations

Demonstrate your value with pre-built slides and
templates that are easy to create, tell your
story, and help you win over new buyers.


Buyer education webpages

Use our beautifully designed buyer education
templates to educate buyers, communicate
your value, and protect your commission.


Transparent commission offers

Add buy-side commission to any listing and
highlight it on your website so agents and buyers
know what your seller is willing to pay.

Build your brand

Evolve your brand to meet new market expectations and stand out from the competition.


Award-winning websites

Elevate your online presence and stand
out from the competition with a beautiful,
feature-packed real estate website.


AI-powered lead generation

Hire our team of experts to build an effective lead
generation funnel for you, including targeted ads,
landing pages, and AI-powered, fully automated lead nurturing.


Innovative marketing tools

Use our always-growing suite of marketing
tools to build your brand, attract more leads,
and close more business.

Frequently asked questions

  • If the NAR lawsuit settlement proposal is adopted, how will the process of buy-side commissions in real estate change?

  • I don’t have much experience negotiating with my buyer clients on commission rates. Do you have any resources to help?

  • What are smart agents and brokers doing right now to future-proof their businesses?

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