Jade Mills

The $6 Billion Dollar Woman

With over $6 Billion in sales, Jade Mills has developed a global reputation as the top luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills. Known for her integrity, loyalty and professionalism, Jade is sought out by A-list celebrities, tech founders, and business leaders. Jade is frequently featured as a luxury real estate expert on national media and appears as a keynote speaker at real estate conferences around the globe.

Jade Mills

Beverly Hills real estate agent Jade Mills is renowned among colleagues and clients alike for her integrity, loyalty and professionalism.


Jade is currently ranked the #1 Agent Worldwide for Coldwell Banker.

$6 Billion Dollars In Sales

Jade has achieved the highest sales volume on record of any agent in Coldwell Banker history, just surpassing an astounding $6 Billion in career sales.

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