How Frontgate Real Estate Secured a $6M Sale with Lead Gen Ads, AI Lead Nurture & Stellar Service

As standout names in luxury real estate, Jeff Biebuyck and Dana Olmes are not just committed to continuous innovation and the highest level of service for their clients, but also to expanding their high-performing team at Frontgate Real Estate. Their strategic blend of advanced marketing, technology, and team development continues to lead to success, exemplified by a recent $6 million sale.

The Challenge & Solution

Identifying the need for consistent, high-quality lead generation, Frontgate Real Estate integrated Lead Gen Ads and AI Lead Nurture. Jeff explained their choice, “We are looking to get a hand raised so that we can follow up as quickly as possible.”

The Approach

  • Sophisticated Online Presence: Frontgate collaborated with Luxury Presence to develop an online presence that exudes luxury, reinforcing their brand’s high-end appeal.
  • Enhanced Lead Generation: Through a targeted $1,400 Lead Gen Ads campaign, Frontgate effectively captured 43 high-quality leads from a “how much is my home worth” search ad, achieving an impressive cost per lead of $32.
  • AI-Driven Client Engagement: The integration of AI Lead Nurture allowed for effective and immediate engagement. Jeff remarked, “There was nothing I needed to do, it just did it. I didn’t have to do anything, I just had to look [at my notifications].”
  • Brand Representation: The AI’s interactions were human-like, a crucial factor in upholding Frontgate’s luxury service standards. Jeff added, “It sounded like somebody I would hire.”
  • Efficient Time Management: The AI tool expedited initial client responses, essential for lead conversion. Jeff emphasized the importance of speed, stating, “That 2-3 minute initial interaction… is crucial for conversion.”
  • Selective Team Expansion: Frontgate focuses on recruiting top-performing agents aligned with their tech-forward approach, and client-centric approach.


Describing a specific instance, Jeff recalled a lead from a Google search. Despite missing the initial call, the AI tool engaged the lead effectively, leading to a successful $6 million sale. Jeff praised this interaction, saying, “That’s pretty awesome! That’s a $150,000 payday for the team. Thank you, ALEX.”

Want to know more about Jeff’s take on AI and client communication? Check out our blog, “Can You Trust AI to Talk to Your Clients.”


The Results


Within just three months, Frontgate Real Estate achieved remarkable results, demonstrating the power of their innovative approach.

$6M Sale Achieved

A direct result of Frontgate’s innovative lead generation and nurturing strategy.

726 Automated Messages Sent

Reflects an extensive, efficient communication plan.

96 High-Quality Prospects

Demonstrates successful lead qualification through their system.

14% Response Rate

Highlights the effectiveness of AI-driven lead nurturing in engaging potential clients.

Trusted by over 20 of the top 100 WSJ agents in the US

Luxury Presence did a flawless job creating (and maintaining!) I get emails every week from agents around the country begging to know more about the site – apparently everyone has Luxury Presence envy!

Carlin Wright, New York City Real Estate Agent

Carlin Wright

Compass - New York, NY

Our experience with Luxury Presence was fantastic. Definitely has the high-end feel that we were looking for.

Josh McConnell, Charleston Real Estate Agent

Josh McConnell

Keller Williams Realty – Charleston, SC.

Luxury Presence was the #1 reason for my record-breaking year. My clients are always telling me that they found me from my website. It’s very important that you’re out there and can be seen. They know real estate, and they know what our audience wants.
I couldn’t ask for more.

Jade Mills, Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent

Jade Mills

Coldwell Banker – Beverly Hills, CA

My experience with Luxury Presence has exceeded all expectations. The company offers impeccable service and support, and has helped me every step of the way. They are always one step ahead. I’d highly recommend any of my colleagues or professionals to connect with Luxury Presence.

Arlene Rutenberg

Los Angeles, CA

Hiring Luxury Presence has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. They implement our changes very quickly, and they’ve doubled our monthly users through SEO to over 10,000…

Barry Cohen, Toronto Real Estate Agent

Barry Cohen Homes

RE/MAX – Toronto, Canada

Everyone we have worked with has bent over backward to ensure that our experience, as well as the outcome of our website, were unparalleled.

Christie-Anne Weiss

Sotheby’s International Realty - Washington, D.C.

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