Connecting top-tier agents with the clients who need them most


This month, we launched our worldwide network of top-performing real estate professionals, Global Collective. The exclusive website aims to serve as a resource full of lifestyle articles, unique luxury listings, and real-time real estate market updates. Here, luxury real estate agents and clients in search of their services can easily connect.

Forging Connections

The primary mission of Global Collective is to create a community where top-tier real estate agents can connect with luxury real estate clients who most need their expertise. 

Within Global Collective, real estate buyers and sellers can browse pre-vetted, successful real estate agents who have the knowledge and experience necessary for finding and marketing luxury homes. With access to this rolodex of skilled professionals, conducting interviews to find the right agent is quicker and easier than ever. 

By the same token, Global Collective members enjoy an elite referral network, exposure for select listings, and networking events, all of which establish authority and influence in the luxury real estate world. Through Global Collective, agents can showcase their top skills, generate qualified leads, and elevate their brand. Hard-working luxury agents will see their experience recognized by all the right people with high-authority backlinks and premium positioning.

Worldwide Listings

The world becomes increasingly interconnected every day. From Israel to Palo Verdes, stunning international properties find a place to shine on Global Collective. Agents from across the globe bring local knowledge and sharp expertise to the properties and processes in their area, providing a pathway for luxury clients to find the home they’ve always dreamt of, regardless of location. Those in search of a luxury home can find listings from all over the world with unparalleled design and high-quality features, all on an immersive and efficient platform.

Carefully Curated, Immersive Content

While our homes can serve as the centerpiece for our lifestyles, there are often more elements at play as well. Luxury living isn’t only about the home you live in. In the same way, connecting with buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate space isn’t only about the property listings. 

In addition to the worldwide exclusive home directory, Global Collective provides users with access to premium lifestyle content around fashion, design, sports, travel, and more. The platform includes expertly-written articles about many different aspects of luxury living alongside real-time real estate market updates. Global Collective members not only tap into a network of qualified, high-end real estate professionals but also into a wealth of carefully crafted and curated luxury knowledge.  

Exclusive Access

Global Collective allows luxury real estate buyers and sellers to sift through the noise and gain direct access to some of the world’s most renowned real estate agents. Our platform isn’t for just anyone. Only top-performing, pre-vetted agents make their way to the Global Collective where they then connect with those who best benefit from their exceptional service. 

Similarly, Global Collective also gives luxury real estate professionals access to the individuals they are best qualified to serve. As part of an elite agent-to-agent network and with a presence in the Global Collective rolodex of highly-skilled professionals, members gain the visibility and authority required for reliable and direct business growth. 

Global Collective exists to fill the gap between individuals seeking a true luxury lifestyle and the agents with the skills to make it happen. Connecting elite agents to the buyers and sellers who need their expertise most means more dream homes bought, sold, and cherished. 

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