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Expand your reach with Listing Feeds. Connect with other agents, generate more visibility for your listings, increase inventory on your website and get referrals.

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Gain visibility for
your listings

When you share your listings within a Listing Feed, your listings are automatically added to each member agent’s website, giving your listings additional exposure without any additional cost to you.


Generate referral business on autopilot

With Listing Feeds, you can easily cross-promote listings with other trusted agents in your Network, getting exposure to qualified buyers for your listings and capturing more leads through your Luxury Presence website.


Share your listings with trusted agents

Once you join a Network, you can easily choose which listings to share with your agent connections.

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National Property Network

National Property Network

  • 5000 Agents
  • Nationwide

High-End Vacation Homes

  • 796 Agents
  • Nationwide
California Relocation Network

California Migration Network

  • 354 Agents
  • California

Tri-State Migration Network

  • 269 Agents
  • NY, NJ, CT

Based on hundreds of reviews from top agents

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