Why gathering testimonials is powerful and how you can set up a system that will automate the entire process. 

As an experienced real estate agent, you likely have hundreds of past clients who would say wonderful things about working with you. However, if you never reach out to them and ask them if they would be willing to share their experiences, you lose out on a powerful form of marketing. Asking for, receiving, and marketing testimonials is not an easy process. It can be time-consuming—especially if you’re not sure the right way to go about it. Here’s more information on why testimonials are important, why many agents don’t effectively use them, and why a testimonial-generation system is your best friend.

Why Are Testimonials Important?

Testimonials, like online reviews, are a powerful form of social proof. Social proof is the phenomenon where people want to buy from or work with those who they know have already done business with others they respect, look up to, or are friends with. When they see proof that you have exceeded the expectations of their peers, they will feel more comfortable giving you their business. Social proof is so powerful that 85% of those in a recent survey stated they trust reviews and testimonials as much as they trust recommendations from their friends.

When you effectively use social proof such as testimonials, you no longer have to work so hard to get new clients. You have others (those featured in your testimonials) selling for you. Soon, you’ll find that you have to go out looking for new clients less and less and that they are finding you. This word-of-mouth marketing is not only inexpensive, but it’s also highly effective.

Components of a Great Testimonial

The goal of a good testimonial is to build trust, brand your agency, and generate new leads—all at the same time. Though written testimonials are good, video testimonials are even better. With a video testimonial, your prospects get to see facial expressions, hear voice inflections, and better experience the emotions of your past or current client. Here are some of the components of a perfect video testimonial:

  • Credible source. The more information you give about the person doing the testimonial, the better. Full names, places of employment, and the exact service you performed for the individual gives the testimonial validity.


  • Original content. If you provide the same script for everyone who agrees to do a testimonial for you, the content will be unoriginal and unconvincing. Ask the person giving the testimonial to speak from the heart. It doesn’t matter if what they say isn’t perfect. In fact, testimonials with a few flubs may even appear more authentic.


  • Good quality. It’s quite possible to film video testimonials on your smartphone. However, if you really want to take it to the next level, it’s a good idea to have a professional videographer shoot, produce, and edit your testimonials.


  • Short and sweet. Though details are important in a testimonial, no one wants to watch a ten-minute video. Try to keep video testimonials in the 2-3 minute mark to get the most views.


  • Good editing. Though a few minor mistakes amp up the authenticity, too many will make the viewing experience jarring. A good video editor can clean up errors, eliminate dead air, and create a dynamic video that is enjoyable for the viewer and includes all the necessary components of a great testimonial.


  • Branding. One of the purposes of testimonials is to increase awareness of your branding. Each video should feature your team’s colors and logos. At the end of the testimonial, contact information should be shared so that those interested in working with you can easily reach out.


Using Testimonials in Your Marketing

Once you’ve gathered your video and /or written testimonials, you need to make them a part of your marketing strategies to ensure they reach your target audience. Here are some ways to accomplish that goal:

1. Add them to your website.

2. Post them on your social media.

3. Use them to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

4. Use them in presentations to other clients.

5. Play them when you speak at networking groups or industry events.


Why Don’t Most Agents Properly Utilize Testimonials?

If social proof in the form of video testimonials are so effective, why don’t most agents properly use them? The biggest reasons are they don’t have the time to gather them or they don’t know how to ask their past clients for them. Some agents get on a roll and gather two or three testimonials, then they get busy and forget to keep up the momentum. Others simply think that their clients won’t want to take the time to talk about their experience. This is why it’s crucial for agents to develop a testimonial-generation system that does all the work for them.

What is a Testimonial-Generation System?

Online review and testimonial-generation systems help you automate customer feedback so you no longer have to worry about asking your clients for testimonials. These systems assist you in reaching out to your clients (or do the reaching out for you), asking them about their experiences and if they would be willing to write a review or film a testimonial, and assist you in learning from their responses so you can continually make the system (and your business) better. Not only will you be able to easily generate new, powerful testimonials, but you’ll also be able to better market them to grow your business.

How Can You Set Up a Testimonial-Generation System?

The best way to set up a testimonial-generation system is to work with an experienced marketing agency that specializes on working with real estate agents to grow your business. A dedicated agency like Luxury Presence will help you set up a system and learn it so you can best use it to get the powerful testimonials needed for social proof-based marketing. If you’re ready to tap into the power of past clients and use testimonials and online reviews to take your agency to the next level, please reach out. Luxury Presence would love to be your partner!