Hand holding smartphone with many ChatGPT icons on the screen, demonstrating the interest in ChatGPT real estate strategies

While there’s no replacement for content produced by a human with deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge, there are still some smart ways you can …

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Businesswoman with smartphone to her ear looking at camera with the words "build your presence" and "How to Use AI in Real Estate" superimposed over her

Welcome to our deep dive into AI and its potential to revolutionize real estate. Learn best practices for how to use AI in real …

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Power of AI for real estate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the real estate industry and with its power to amplify capabilities, streamline operations, heighten customer experiences, and grow businesses …

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Powerful AI Tools for real estate

The next wave of disruption has reached the shores of the real estate industry: Artificial Intelligence. Like it or not, AI-powered tech and tools …

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Luxury Presence CTO Jesse Pedersen

AI is set to massively transform the real estate experience for both agents and consumers. We sat down with industry expert and Luxury Presence …

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