“You need your own real estate agent website,” they say. Time and time again. You may be up for what’s new and what’s next, but this tidbit goes in one ear and right out the other. You reply that you already have a webpage on your brokerage’s portal and silently wonder why anyone would ever spend the time and money to add another real estate website to the equation.


I get it. First things first, your free webpage on your brokerage’s website is great. That webpage (along with your social media accounts and profiles in places like Zillow) is amazing for your search engine optimization (SEO). The improved SEO can lead to more organic search traffic of web users looking specifically for you, meaning more online leads going directly to your profile. It would also just be very odd to not have a presence on your brokerage’s real estate website. You’re part of their team and this information should be readily available to anyone who decides to look you up. 


There are absolutely no drawbacks to maximizing your free brokerage webpage. But a serious word of caution- to rely on that webpage as your single most important presence online, is to leave your fate to someone else. The most ideal scenario involves you leveraging your brokerage webpage and hosting a real estate website of your own. 


Your real estate website is another touchpoint to show who you are, what you stand for and why you’re absolutely the best realtor for potential and existing clients. Calling the shots with regards to its look, layout, content and functionality, you hold your destiny in your own hands. It’s a worthwhile investment. You control the narrative and refine your personal brand while gaining access to leads that are 100% your own. You can even benefit from additional search traffic coming in from the SEO-optimization of your brokerage webpage. Golden.


Your real estate agent website is also a major safeguard. There’s no way to control what happens with your brokerage-owned webpage. The site can be shut down without warning or be changed in a manner that isn’t conducive to your goals. Any features or offerings you love can change at any time, you can lose access to insights (that is, if you’re fortunate enough to enjoy access to visitor information) and the terms of service can change. 


Grab your future by the reins by building a real estate business that’s more about you as an individual Realtor. After all, it’s really the personal, one-on-one connections that lead to successful relationships with clients. 


The power is all yours. Request a demo for launching your own real estate agent website today.