Find engaging, free videos for your social media, website, and newsletters!

The scope of digital marketing focuses more and more on video every year. Trends like TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Reels make video consumption a main event on social media. It performs well, too; on Twitter, you’re six times as likely to be retweeted when you tweet a video than you are with a photo. 

Staying on top of current trends and keeping your visuals fresh helps your luxury real estate marketing stand out from the rest. By leveraging video—whether you’ve created it yourself or sourced it from one of these free sites—you’ll draw more curious eyes and keep the attention you need to get your message across. 

Keep Licensing In Mind

The sites listed here currently offer free stock videos with no subscription fees, and most of them do not require attribution when you use their work. However, sites can pivot at any time, and licensing details are subject to change. On any stock video or photo site, be sure to click around to find the licensing information to confirm the work is under Creative Commons or a similar license allowing for both personal and professional use. The good news: even beyond the sites we’ve compiled, there are plenty of excellent resources for finding free stock videos, and the collections only keep growing!. 

Life of Vids

If you’re looking to include sleek aerial shots or cityscapes, Life of Vids is a great place to start. The stock videos on the site are free with no copyright restrictions, but you can’t use more than ten videos on one website, so keep track of how they show up on all of your pages and platforms. They’re still working to grow their selection, so there aren’t a ton of videos to choose from yet, but the level of quality easily makes up for it. The stock videos are well-organized in collections and easily searchable, too!


Pexels is one of our favorite places to find stock photos, but their video selection is excellent as well! There’s no need to give attribution when you use their free stock videos since their library is under the Creative Commons Zero license, or CC0. From pets and houses to nature and people, the videos on Pexels cover a wide range of subjects and cast an elevated look and feel to every post or page you use them on! Don’t miss the gorgeous time-lapses. 


For an extensive (1.9 million!) collection of high-quality videos in both 4K and HD, head to Pixabay. All of their videos are free and don’t require any attribution since they’re under the CC0 license. Next time you make a Facebook post promoting a new blog or website feature, accompany it with a relevant stock video and see how well it stands out!


Dareful is chock full of open-source, high-quality 4K videos that are seamless to browse and download. The categories are simple and easy to navigate, but once you search a specific keyword, you may not see many results come back as they are still working to grow their selection. Watch out for the sneaky Shutterstock ads hidden among Dareful’s selection!


If you’re looking for videos that appear homemade or offer a bit more of an edge, check out Videvo. Along with plenty of steady, professional-looking videos, their collection includes a few less polished shots that can come in handy depending on the message behind your post or newsletter. There are three different licenses on Videvo, all of which allow you to use the clips for business purposes, but one of which does require attribution. Be sure to read the specific licensing information for each video you choose to use to avoid infringing on any licenses.  


If process seamlessness is a priority for you, or if you’re searching for videos for an entire website revamp, Coverr’s ease of use makes it a great place to start. Once you select your desired video, you can embed it right into your webpage with their easy-to-follow directions. Browse their beautiful selection with your mind at ease, knowing their license allows you to use any video for free, even without giving credit. 


Find tons of 4K videos, as well as beautiful backgrounds, free for download on Videezy. Unlike the other sites we’ve covered, Videezy does require attribution for all videos you use from their site. If that won’t work with your site’s layout or feels too clunky for a social post, opt for another collection. Check specific license information on your video of choice to confirm the requirements for that particular video.  


If you’ve exhausted other options and are hooked on the success you see with video posts and pages, it may be time to upgrade to a site with a small monthly fee. Storyblocks is a great choice, with an incredible selection of high-quality videos to choose from. Their search, filter, and sort capabilities are unmatched, too, so you can quickly find a video with the exact length, topic, and specifications you need. 

Best Practices

Even when it’s not required, it’s kind to credit the artist who created the stock video you’re using whenever possible. Beyond confirming that licensing and attribution are all squared away, tackle the question of which content best serves the message you’re aiming to get across. Video does attract clients, and 54 percent of people would like to see more videos from brands, but that doesn’t mean just throwing any old video up on your site or social media will get the job done. To find the right video for your project or post, consider tone, topic, and message, and align from there. 

As you add video to your site, be sure to work with a web professional to make sure you’re not dragging down any loading speeds. Be purposeful in video placement since too many moving parts can easily end up distracting instead of engaging.  

The right visual accompanying your message can quickly drive your marketing and social presence to the next level! Enjoy the many options and the engagement boost that you’re sure to see when you incorporate video.