Why you need tracking tools and how to choose and set up the best tools for your marketing campaigns. 


As a real estate agent, you need to use the right marketing strategies to establish yourself as an expert in the industry, harness the power of social proof, and keep new clients coming your way instead of chasing down leads. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know which of your marketing campaigns is delivering results and which is wasting your money. That’s where tracking tools come in. Effective tracking tools can tell you exactly which strategies are giving you a high ROI and which are equivalent to pouring money down the drain. Here’s why tracking tools are essential for measuring audience growth and how to use them to take your agency to the next level.

Why You Need to Use Tools to Measure Audience Growth

Do you tend to jump around to whatever is new or trendy in the world of real estate marketing? If so, you’re not alone. Many agents suffer from “shiny object syndrome” where they neglect to take the long view when it comes to marketing and instead try to go for the quick lead. Unfortunately, when you do this, you’re flying in the dark when it comes to your marketing. You have no idea what’s driving meaningful interaction and have no way to optimize your content or strategy. Without a useful framework of what’s working, you will make decisions based on emotion and hamper your results.

When you use effective tools to measure your audience growth, you will know the exact campaigns, messaging, and pages that are driving your business forward. This helps you to double down on what’s working and either tweak or get rid of what’s not. If you have a campaign that simply isn’t delivering results, you can stop the bleeding early instead of finding out months down the line that you’re wasting money.

Effectively using tracking tools also helps you stay ahead of the game (and your competition.) The best tools show you what your ideal client likes and dislikes and what trends are happening in the world of real estate so you can plan your marketing campaigns around them. This makes for targeted campaigns based on solid research and information rather than guessing what to try next.

How to Effectively Use Tracking Tools

Knowing that you need to use tracking tools and understanding how to effectively use them are two different things. The best tools are intuitive and easy to set up, learn, and use. If you have an in-house marketing professional, he or she should be able to choose the correct tools, learn how to use them, and give you regular reports. If you don’t have the luxury of a pro on your team, here are some tips to help you out.

Choose the Right Tools

The first step toward success is knowing which tools you need. If you use several social media platforms, you may want to look into cross-channel social media analytics tools like Sprout Social or HubSpot. If you mainly market through Snapchat and Instagram stories, there are tracking tools tailored to analytics for these platforms. Want to track your Google ad campaigns? Google Analytics is your best bet. Need to see how your hashtags are performing? There are also trackers for that. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when researching which trackers to use. If you are handling your marketing yourself, it’s best to settle on the most reliable, Google Analytics, then go from there.

Learn How to Properly Set Them Up

Once you’ve chosen the tool or tools you want to use, you have to learn how to properly set them up. Most tools have useful how-to videos or online training materials to help you out. To most effectively use your tracking tools, you should also connect them to your CRM (customer relationship management) system. If you’re not tech-savvy, setting up the tools and connecting them can be confusing. If you need help, it’s best to reach out to the developer of the tool or to an experienced marketer who can set you up for success.

Get Regular Reports

Now it’s time to start seeing results. Set a time to examine reports from your tracking tools on a regular basis. If you’re running weekly online marketing campaigns, you should look at reports every week to help you determine what is and is not working. Not sure how to read the reports or what they mean for your marketing strategies? This is another area where a rep from the company or a pro in the marketing industry can help you out.

Know How to Pivot 

The data you get from your tracking tools is only as useful as you let it be. It’s important to know how to read your reports and discover what’s working and what’s not. It’s even more important to be prepared to give up campaigns that aren’t delivering and either try new strategies or double down on those campaigns that are achieving results.

The Importance of Working with a Pro When Using Tracking Tools

Tracking tools can be extremely helpful when it comes to planning and executing your marketing campaigns. However, using them can also be frustrating and time-consuming if you’re not familiar with how to use them. If you don’t have a dedicated marketing assistant in your office, it makes sense to partner with a professional marketing agency that has experience helping realtors strategize, set up, and utilize online advertising campaigns. A marketing company can take all the work off your shoulders, walk you through how to interpret your results, and continuously tweak your campaigns so they are delivering optimal results.

Are you ready to crush your competition by taking your marketing to the next level? Learning how to choose, use, and interpret results from tracking tools is an essential part of your advertising arsenal. If you need some help choosing the right tools and learning how to use them, reach out to the pros at Luxury Presence. We’d love to partner with you.