Why realtors need to create and verify their listings on Google My Business and best practices for posting to their pages.

When it comes to luxury property advertising, there are a lot of options out there. First and foremost, real estate agents’ marketing strategies should begin with luxury realtor websites that are user-friendly, mobile-first, and that present compelling reasons for prospects to work with their specific team. Additional marketing components include SEO services, social media strategies, lead generation services, and traditional media such as television, radio, or print marketing. 

One of the components that frequently gets lost in the marketing shuffle is Google My Business. Here is everything realtors need to know about posting to Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is essentially Google’s Yellow Pages. It’s a business directory where you can link to your website and feature information about your agency. To have a Google My Business account, you must have a physical location. Your profile will include search features and maps so potential clients and customers can easily find you. 

To create a Google My Business listing, sign in to the Google account you want to be associated with your business, go to google.com/business, and select “start now.” Enter your business name and address, choose your business category, then add your business phone number and website.

Verifying and Editing Information on Google My Business

To get started with Google My Business, you’ll need to verify your listing. To do this, sign in to Google My Business, search for your agency name, and then click verify. You will be given several options to verify and claim your Google listing and choose the one that works best

Take the time to make sure you’ve filled everything in correctly and completely on your page. Make sure to use the same name, address, and phone number you use on other accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other directories you’re a part of. Luxury realtor websites are often found through Google My Business, so make sure your website is listed correctly. Add photos of your office building’s exterior to help people find you and upload a picture of your team as the cover photo.

Why Should You Post on Google My Business?

Posting frequently to Google My Business will help improve your Google rankings. It will also give potential clients helpful, relevant information that could help them make a buying decision. Google as a whole tends to favor companies that use their products frequently. 

So how often should you post? Most experts  recommend posting at least once a week. For luxury property advertising, more is better. Consider posting to the directory several times a week, as long as you have useful information to share. Remember that the newest posts will always show up first, so hold off on posting more frequently if you have an important announcement to make or are sharing an update you want potential clients to see first when they visit the directory.

How Can You Maximize Google My Business? 

Posting to Google My Business follows many of the same strategies as posting to Facebook and other social media sites. For luxury property advertising, it’s all about identifying your target market and posting updates that this market will find useful or educational. You should also regularly post information on open houses, new properties for sale, and information about your team. Here are some best practices for maximizing your listing:

• Solicit reviews. Reviews are one of the most important aspects of your Google My Business page. Consider sending out an email blast to past and present clients asking them to write a review on Google. Then make sure you request a review from every client you help moving forward. The realtors with the most five-star reviews are usually the ones who are chosen first by those who want to buy or sell a home.

• Monitor the Q&A feature. Potential clients can ask questions right on your page, and anyone can answer them. It’s important to monitor this feature carefully and answer questions quickly when they are posted. If no one is asking questions, you can also ask and answer your own questions to give those who see your page valuable information.

• Understand the different post types. You can make four types of posts on Google My Business: what’s new, events, offers, and product posts. Learn about the types, and make sure you know the rules and recommendations for each.

• Keep content direct and to the point. Google My Business allows 1500 characters for each post, but the ideal is under 300. Make your post attention-grabbing, and don’t get into too many details.

• Use videos and photos. The more appealing your post looks, the more engagement it will get. Use high-res photos and video, especially if you are showing off a new home.

• Add links. Getting traffic to luxury realtor websites is one of the top goals of any type of social media marketing, including Google My Business postings. If you post about a home for sale, put a link to the listing on your site. Talking about how great your team is? Link to your ‘about us’ page. Make it easy for those who see your posts to learn more about you and what you do on your site. 

Use CTAs. A CTA is a call to action, such as “book a showing,” “attend the open house,” or “contact us.” Strong CTAs tell users exactly what you want them to do after they’ve read your post and make it easy for them to take the next step.

Google My Business is a part of luxury property advertising you don’t want to miss out on. When you create, verify, and update your listing, you can ensure that those interested in buying or selling a home can find you. And when you post regularly to your page, you’ll increase rankings and make yourself a top choice for those interested in luxury property.