Here’s What The Future of Real Estate Tech Looks Like

ABC. Always be closing, as they say in “Glengarry Glen Ross.”


For realtors, the name of the game is buying and selling property. To close more deals, real estate agents need to stay one step ahead of their competition. These emerging technologies can help.


This decentralized, distributed database could be the next big thing. Blockchain is a digital ledger that enables transactions made with bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency, to be recorded chronologically and publicly—creating a secure list of records, or blocks. Mass adoption is a few years away, but Deloitte predicts that blockchain could be a game changer in real estate:

Blockchain is built on the principles drawn from cryptography and peer-to-peer networking. It allows unique monetary data to be exchanged via a distributed ledger (a record book of all transactions). Blockchain is a technology that allows people who don’t know each other to trust a shared record of events. This shared record, or ledger, is distributed to all participants in a network who use their computers to validate transactions and thus remove the need for a trusted third party to intermediate. A copy of the entire blockchain is available to all participants in the network and transactions on the blockchain are time stamped, making it useful for tracking and verifying information.

A blockchain represents a total shift away from the traditional ways of doing things. It places trust and authority in a distributed network rather than in a powerful central institution. In a blockchain based world of transactions, there is no need for the middlemen of finance — banks, governments, insurers, brokers, notaries and even paper currency. The blockchain takes this part of the transaction over from the professionals. It allows unique monetary data to be exchanged via a distributed ledger. The entire history of these transactions could be followed through the blockchain and is available for the public, so the blockchain provides full transparency.

Think of a house or piece of land as a “coin.” This coin could be exchanged using digital currency on a blockchain. Besides providing total transparency, blockchain also would decrease the risk of fraud and speed up the process of buying or selling a property.


360 Video
Want to show clients every square foot of a property—before they step foot on it? All you need is Insta360—a $200 camera attachment—to turn your smartphone into a 360 virtual reality camera and give immersive video tours. There are other 360 video tools, but Insta360 is the leader and one of the easiest to use.

With an Insta360 camera, users can take 360-degree photos and videos in high definition, and live-stream their experiences directly onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms. When viewed in a VR headset, Insta360 experiences can transport people into places and moments they’ve never before imagined.

Creating a 360 video tour used to be an expensive production ($300-$1000 per property), but now the technology is more accessible than ever.
See for yourself what is possible:


Augmented Reality
Take 360 video a step further: bring the video to life. That’s what augmented reality does, merging the virtual world with the physical world. With an augmented reality app, you can:
1. Show a property’s interior and exterior in 3-D.
2. Use animations to make the experience interactive.
3. Show structural layers of a home or building.
4. Share interactive property information.
5. Show sites of any size.
6. Access data on a property and marketplace.
7. Add a 360 panoramic photo to any part of the property.
8. Invite your client to a virtual helicopter flight.
9. Bring to life properties that aren’t built yet.
10. Provide calls to actions for print ads.
Think creative. AR applications in real estate present huge opportunities.


Here are of some of the best augmented reality campaigns for inspiration.

Want to turn your property marketing video into a cinematic experience? Use a drone. You can find a good one starting at $400 or hire a professional production company starting at around $800-1200 per property, and nothing provides a sweeping, bird’s-eye view of a home and grounds better than a drone camera.


Mobile Stories
We’ve come a long way from the days of newspaper classifieds for real estate. Now, a house can be built in 24 hours with a 3-D printer, and a property listing can be an experience. Use a mobile storytelling app like Evrybit or Steller to turn your listing into an interactive story with audio, video, photos and text. You even could monetize a listing by adding sponsored media to the story stream and embedding the listing on your website.


This is the age of disruption. Emerging technologies have the power to reinvent the real estate industry. To learn about innovative and creative ways to grow your real estate business, schedule a free consulting call with one of the Luxury Presence marketing experts.

Content Marketing: The missing piece in your brand

Your properties define your brand. But they don’t complete it.

Top real estate agents round out their brand and attract more clients with sharp, insightful content marketing. Yes, your clients want the house of their dreams or the best price from the market. But how they feel about the most important transaction of their financial lives depends on how much they trust YOU, the person who got them there.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Choosing a real estate agent is a high-stakes choice. Finding a good one can be even harder: the market for real estate agents is fragmented and information-poor. Beyond personal recommendations and the reputation of your brokerage, they have very little to go on. Good talent is hard to assess and hard to find.

Luckily for them, you exist. Their perfect real estate agent, worthy of their trust and ready to shepherd them deftly through the process. But how do they find you?

This is where content marketing comes in. Your content marketing provides an insight into your individual values and expertise. An ad can raise name recognition. Content marketing can build trust.

The choice to do content marketing as a realtor is an easy one. Here’s the what, where/when, and how of doing it right…

The What: Finding a topic niche

A memorable, trustworthy brand stands for one thing. The part of our brains responsible for trust is old and simple: nuance is the enemy. If you are the real estate agent who understands young families, a piece on trends in nightlife doesn’t build trust, even though yes, some young parents might be dying to escape for a night of drinking and dancing.

How to choose your topic? Pick something that excites you, that you know like the back of your hand or enjoy researching. If someone asked your friends a question on this topic, your friends would direct them to you.

There are three main areas to consider as you brainstorm topics:
1. Location: Features of neighborhoods, like trends in price and demographics, trends in local businesses, trends in schools and public services, and features attractive to kids and pets
2. Property: Architectural and lot features, like trends in floorplans, trends materials and finishes, trends in grounds and landscaping, and trends by room: e.g. “the modern kitchen”
3. Décor: Interior design trends, by room and by style – because your clients’ imaginations are hungry for inputs as they picture each property as their home

Sound like you could write a book on these topics? Good! Just take a leaf out of Charles Dickens’ and serialize…

The Where/When: Reaching potential clients

Your content marketing will only be effective if it reaches potential clients. Wherever you post your piece: your LinkedIn, your Medium, your Facebook, your personal website – make sure that: (1) Your piece links to your website at the bottom (or otherwise directs potential clients to your contact information), (2) You share a link to your piece on all of your social media as soon as you post it.

One practice that’s not recommended is emailing full content marketing pieces out to your contacts. You want your piece to be shared, not spam.

To that effect, how often is too often? And how many posts do you need to make a difference?

The key here is regularity. Post once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, or even once a quarter. If you can, always post on the same day of the week. If you’re feeling inspired to write multiple pieces at once, save them up and post them at intervals so that each piece can make its own splash.

The How: Finding your voice

You’ve got a topic and a place to post: Does your actual writing matter? Yes. How you write content marketing pieces is the most important part of building trust in your brand.

The most important part of your piece is the headline and featured photo. Most people who see the piece will only notice the headline and photo. Some who like them both will decide to read the piece. Choose something snappy and clear: this is not the place for nuance.

For the rest of the piece, put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Are they looking for reassuring professionalism? For cheeky dishing on trends? Make sure the voice of the piece is appropriate for the audience you’re looking for.

Good content marketing is the best way to build trust in your brand before meeting potential clients in person.

Anne Perry Announces Partnership with Park Lane Ala Moana

Anne Hogan Perry, Luxury Presence member and top-ranked Hawaii real estate agent, announces her partnership serving as an elite ambassador for the lavish and private community Park Lane Ala Moana in Honolulu, Hawaii. Offering 5-star resort-style amenities and a relaxed Hawaiian lifestyle, Park Lane Ala Moana redefines luxurious island living.

Spanning over 7.3 acres, gracious and elegantly appointed estate homes are brimming with exquisite scenery, just steps from world-class beaches and minutes away from one of the Asia-Pacific Region’s most cosmopolitan city centers. With closings beginning in April, these residences are the perfect fit for clients who enjoy the unparalleled, opulently relaxed, Hawaiian lifestyle.

To learn more about this exceptional community, watch the video below.


For additional information contact Anne Hogan Perry, Hawaii’s premier real estate expert and Luxury Presence member. Luxury Presence works with the world’s leading real estate agents, building exceptional luxury real estate websites and executing highly curated marketing campaigns.


Luxury Presence Receives Esteemed Web Design Award

Awwwards is a professional competition platform recognizing cutting-edge web design and industry leading digital architects. Their aim is to discover, recognize and promote the talent of web designers, developers and agencies who create unique digital experiences. Since 2009, Awwwards holds an esteemed conference and recognition ceremony where the designers of the best web projects of the previous year are celebrated for their talent and dedication. This prestigious conference brings together the most innovative, industry leading agencies and major players in the world of digital design. From New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam, to London, Paris and LA, Awwwards seeks to not only recognize, but also elevate the standard of excellence in digital design.

On March 21st, 2017 Luxury Presence was awarded Honorable Mention from Awwwards for their innovative and industry-leading real estate website designs.

This special honor is given to websites that achieve a high score as voted by designers and creatives in the Awwwards network. Criteria for their evaluation is based on four categories: Design, Creativity, Usability and Content. High scoring sites can win several different types of awards. As an Honorable Mention recipient, Luxury Presence has been entered as a contender to appear as “Site of the Day”. If successful, the website will be immortalized in print and will be featured in Awwwards’ yearly publication “The Best 365 Websites Around The World”.

Luxury Presence brings together some of the world’s top digital architects, utilizing a Stanford-educated team of web innovators to create industry leading websites, successful real estate marketing services and an exclusive network of the world’s leading luxury real estate agents. By combining exceptional design and performance, full-screen high-resolution videos and photos, and a brand-new custom built MLS search tool, Luxury Presence has created a revolutionary platform to provide extraordinary website design and flawless user-friendly experiences.


Noble Black Featured In Wall Street Journal

Manhattan’s premier luxury real estate broker Noble Black was recently featured in an article by the Wall Street Journal, contributing insight and leading expertise regarding the current climate of the Manhattan Real Estate market.

The article tackles the resurgence of the Manhattan market and the renewed optimism on the economy, along with a surge in stock market wealth, boosting the confidence of cautious buyers. To read the full article, click here.

Noble Black and his team of agents closed $93 million in contracts, including a $25.5 million sale of a duplex penthouse at a new condominium at 10 Sullivan Street in the last quarter of 2016. Yet, as of last week, his group has recorded a total of $99 million in new contracts during the first quarter which, according to Noble, is his best start to a year in his 13 years in the business. This remarkable rebound of the Manhattan residential market has resulted into crowded open houses and an increase in bidding wars. “People who were sitting back and waiting realized the market wasn’t going any lower..the people who were waiting had no reason to wait any longer,” he said.

Noble Black is one of the elite agents within the Luxury Presence network. Luxury Presence works with the world’s leading real estate agents, building exceptional luxury real estate websites and executing highly curated marketing campaigns.

Mentorship Series: K. Ann Brizolis

In Episode 2 of the Luxury Presence Mentorship Series K. Ann Brizolis, one of the leading agents in the country and the top-producing Sotheby’s realtor in Rancho Santa Fe sits down with Priscilla Wood to discuss common misconceptions about the real estate profession, the importance of balancing technological communication and in-person contact, and inspirational advice for young agents looking to build a real estate career.


Watch the full interview below:


Mentorship Series: Jade Mills

In the first episode of the Luxury Presence Mentorship series up-and-coming real estate agent, Kemi Olonade sits down with “The $4 Billion Dollar Woman” Jade Mills for some invaluable advice on how to build a ultra-successful real estate career. The two discussed the difficulties of getting started in the business, tips, and tricks on how to find a mentor and some of Jade’s most important “Golden Rules.”

Luxury Presence works with the world’s leading real estate agents, building exceptional luxury real estate websites and executing highly curated marketing campaigns. The Mentorship Series is an interview series that brings together the superstar agents we work with, with up-and-coming agents who are getting started in the business.

Lifestyles San Diego Meets with Ann Brizolis

Jenn Morris of “Lifestyles San Diego” recently sat down with Ann Brizolis, the leading Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent, at the iconic Mille Fleurs restaurant to discuss life in “The Ranch.”

Ann delves into the unique lifestyle that The Ranch has to offer. From young retirees looking for an urban escape to equestrian lovers looking for the perfect trails, to families looking for the best school district, Rancho Santa Fe has a niche for everyone.

For more exclusive insights about the stunning Rancho Santa Fe community watch the segment below!


Launching the Luxury Presence Mentorship Series

As the Luxury Presence network grows to feature and connect top producing agents in all major luxury markets in the US, we are excited to launch the “Mentorship Series,” an interview series in which young, up-and-coming agents get the chance to interview industry legends. Our elite members will be sharing their stories, hardship, advise, and their personal keys to success.

Here’s a sneak from our recent shoot with the fabulous Jade Mills and Kemi Olonade.

IMG_3411 IMG_3407 IMG_3406


How To Find The Best (Often Hidden) Luxury Real Estate Deals

How can luxury home buyers find the perfect property? With increased competition and privacy concerns the pool of available homes and condos online can be limited. Many of the best properties are now hiding ‘off market’.

At the higher end of the market, there may only be a few truly opulent properties that are a great match. Even fewer may be available for sale at any one moment. How can serious buyers find the right property when they need one?

In Search of the Right Luxury Home

Finding the right fit in a new luxury estate or condo is about securing the ideal location, the right amount of space, and the property features which will optimize lifestyle; all wrapped up at a figure which will also optimize wealth for the long term. However, knowing exactly what you want and finding it readily available doesn’t always go hand in hand when it comes to luxury real estate. It’s not like cruising down Rodeo Drive and picking up a new Louis bag or ordering a new custom Range Rover online.

There may be some great property choices listed online by local luxury real estate agents. But what if the home you really want isn’t on the market yet?

This may be because there are no publicly listed properties that meet your standards, none decorated to your tastes, or because you have your eye on a particular property. This is where a great real estate agent can really make a difference.

Off Market Properties

Some homes and condos make big waves with glamourous and gimmicky listings and PR attempts. Some throw price tags on their properties which are double or triple what anyone would sensibly pay for them, just to get attention. Others are private transactions which aren’t broadcast across the news headlines. They may not even be on the radar of novice agents. Yet, some are actively for sale off the market, are in the process of being prepared for market, or may be purchased anyway; with the right connections and approach.

A great and well connected luxury real estate agent can help distinguished buyers find and secure the best properties, even when they don’t appear on the MLS, or agent websites. Some are purposely held offline to protect the identities, privacy, and financial information of elite property owners. In other cases agents can use their relationships and status to proactively prospect, negotiate, and secure acquisitions of properties that are in the process of being prepared for market, or from private owners that may entertain a sale if approached correctly. This can have many advantages for the buyer. It protects their privacy. It means not having to engage in overheated and overblown bidding wars, and can lead to better deals and terms. Perhaps there is a developer or investor the agent knows that is currently combining multiple homes or condo units into much larger residences. Maybe they have a personal relationship with an aging owner who could benefit from selling and moving to a more appropriate property for their needs. There can be great gems to be discovered if you know the right people.


The perfect home won’t always be sitting there front and center on the internet at first glance. In some cases, there may be good properties publicly available that can be suitably renovated or which are new, but still under construction. In other cases, a skilled and well-connected Realtor will be invaluable in securing the perfect property on the ideal terms, privately and off-market. You won’t know unless you ask.