Whether you’re just getting started or need inspiration, these blog ideas will boost your online presence.

Adding a blog to your real estate website is an excellent tool for providing key information to your clients while bolstering your online engagement. High-quality copy, engaging photos, and eye-catching taglines are keys to success online. You’ll want to share content that reflects you and your business, answers questions your clients may have, and provides unique insight into what life is like in your area—but where do you start? 

Find Your Voice

As with any service, your agency needs a brand. Will you be sophisticated and suave or approachable and adventurous? Understanding how you want to present yourself is key to nailing down the types of content you post online. Think of your areas of expertise. Perhaps you excel with design and have a keen knowledge of home staging that is useful to your clients, or maybe you have a history in finance that allows you to give expert insight into the practicalities of homeownership. 

Know Your Audience

Real estate is a personal business, and getting to know your clientele is an excellent way to understand the type of information they crave. Perhaps your area is a popular location for vacation homes, so your audience might be interested in learning more about secondary homeownership. Other buyers might want to learn about green living, outdoor designing, or local places to eat, shop, and play. Catering to your clientele will help you narrow down the type of content you want to create. 

Get Creative

Once you’ve solidified your voice and what interests your clients, it’s time to get writing. Your voice shapes the approach you take to blog posts, whether you tackle hard-hitting real estate market trends or opt for local histories and playful insights, and your audience impacts the type of content you choose. To help you get started, here are 100 real estate blog post ideas that will breathe new life into your online presence. 

Market Data

Both potential buyers and sellers want to know that you’ve kept your thumb on the pulse of the real estate market. Showcase your expertise through blogs regarding these trends. 

  1. • National market data
  2. • Local market trends
  3. • Yearly outlooks
  4. • Understanding buyers and sellers markets
  5. • Tips on navigating a sellers market as a buyer

Local Expert & Lifestyle

Your unique local perspective is vital information for your clients. Sharing accurate and engaging content regarding local events, eateries, shopping destinations, and amenities gives clients an insight into your community. Here are a few starting points for blogs that revolve around your locale. 

  1. • Describe the history of a neighborhood
  2. • Review a new restaurant
  3. • Interview a small business owner
  4. • Interview a home buyer or seller
  5. • Attend a city council meeting and share notes
  6. • Where to shop (from local boutiques to brand names)
  7. • Must-try local eateries
  8. • Date-night destinations
  9. • Best coffee shops
  10. • What to do this weekend
  11. • Ways to get outside in every season
  12. • Local history/ghost stories/myths
  13. • Child-friendly events
  14. • Must-see nearby museums
  15. • Where to find the best ice cream in town
  16. • Where to take your out-of-town visitors
  17. • How to feel like a tourist in your hometown
  18. • Unique staycation destinations
  19. • Plan a weekly itinerary for visitors
  20. • Local shop holiday gift guide
  21. • Guide to area wineries, distilleries, and breweries
  22. • Can’t-miss day trips nearby
  23. • Philanthropy opportunities
  24. • Popular architectural styles in your area

Loans, Taxes, and More

Purchasing a house can be a major financial investment for buyers and an incredible opportunity for sellers. Help your clients navigate this large-scale decision by providing them with poignant financial information to help them wherever they are in their homeownership journey. 

  1. • Explain loan approval
  2. • Explain real estate taxes and property taxes
  3. • Explain escrow
  4. • Explain foreclosures
  5. • Compare types of mortgages
  6. • Cash vs. financing
  7. • Understanding contract timelines
  8. • What is short selling?
  9. • Should you take the offer?
  10. • Everything you need to know about credit scores
  11. • What are title companies?
  12. • Should you sell by owner?
  13. • Tax assessments
  14. • The ins and outs of home inspections
  15. • Explain the buying and selling processes
  16. • Discuss the benefits of home inspections
  17. • How to prepare financially

Open Houses

You know what they say: first impressions last the longest, and the first look at a house on the market can be extraordinarily important. Open houses provide buyers a chance to get to know a property, and blog content is an excellent way to prepare a buyer for attending a viewing. 

  1. • How to host an open house
  2. • Benefits of an open house
  3. • The ins and outs of open house etiquette
  4. • How to market an open house
  5. • Staging dos and don’ts
  6. • How to improve curb appeal
  7. • Should you work with a professional stager?
  8. • How to prepare for an open house

Moving Guides

Packing up and moving can be stressful, whether it’s a cross-country journey or just around the block. Grant your audience a little peace of mind with these ideas for moving guides. 

  1. • How to pack for a move
  2. • How to reduce moving stress
  3. • How to talk to your young children about moving
  4. • Moving tips and tricks
  5. • How to move with pets
  6. • Tips for cross-country moves
  7. • How to prepare for a winter move

Covid-19 Measures

Modern society has made a myriad of changes in order to accommodate recent COVID-19 health and safety mandates, and that includes the real estate market. One thing your clients can rest easy about is knowing you are by their side every step of the way to help alleviate pandemic pressure during the buying and selling process. 

  1. • Navigating open houses while social distancing
  2. • Local rules and regulations, including updates
  3. • Virtual tours of listed homes

Home Improvement

Design tips are a fantastic way to engage with your audience so that your clients can transform their house into their dream home. Whether you focus on updating home technology, preparing for selling, or sprucing up the living areas with the latest trends, there are a plethora of home improvement techniques to discuss in your blogs. 

  1. • Decorating tips and tricks for each room
  2. • All about staging (where, when, and how)
  3. • DIY ways to boost curb appeal
  4. • Home renovations to start in winter
  5. • How to finish an unfinished basement
  6. • How to update an outdated home
  7. • Painting your walls trending colors
  8. • Indoor and outdoor decor inspiration
  9. • Tech updates for every room
  10. • Tips for going green at home
  11. • Latest furniture trends
  12. • Landscaping ideas for outdoor entertaining
  13. • Tips for decorating with kids

Listing Photos

Having high-quality photos for a property is a surefire way to make an instantaneously more positive impression on a potential buyer, but someone outside of the industry might not know the dramatic impact a single picture can have. With blogs regarding listing photos, you can provide potential sellers with imperative information that will make their property pop online. 

  1. • Favorite photographers
  2. • Why they matter
  3. • Lighting dos and don’ts
  4. • Real estate photography tips and tricks
  5. • How to edit real estate photography
  6. • Quality vs. quantity

Renting your home

Secondary homeownership is skyrocketing across the nation. Because real estate is a high-performing asset, potential homebuyers may be interested in learning more about buying a second home as an investment property—that’s where you come in. Shed a little light on the ins and outs of renting your home, whether as a short-term vacation rental or to long-term tenants. 

  1. • How to market your home for rent
  2. • Airbnb and VBRO
  3. • How to find a renter
  4. • How to be a good landlord
  5. • What are rental scams?
  6. • Must-have tech for rental properties
  7. • Renting vs. buying
  8. • Home safety


Holidays are a precious time spent in a new home. Online content regarding holidays is a helpful tool for newcomers to the community who might be searching for the perfect place to watch Independence Day fireworks or get the scoop on winter lights. 

  1. • Where to go for New Year’s Eve
  2. • Best restaurants for Valentine’s Day
  3. • Memorial Day weekend road trips
  4. • Where to watch Fourth of July fireworks
  5. • Halloween safety tips for your neighborhood
  6. • Fall bucket list
  7. • Best Thanksgiving recipes
  8. • Where to see holiday decorations
  9. • How to winterize a home

These 100 blog ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Luxury Presence can help you craft meaningful digital content that accurately reflects your agency.