Level up your social media marketing and attract warm leads when you implement these LinkedIn tips.

While it may not always be top of mind when talking about social media, LinkedIn can serve as an especially useful tool in plugging into your local market, positioning yourself as an expert, and collecting plenty of leads.

Optimize Your Profile

Including the right keywords, thorough descriptions, and thoughtful copy on your LinkedIn profile itself will help people find you when you want them to. When someone searches “luxury real estate agent in (your area),” you need to be the profile that pops up! Leveraging each section of the profile is key because missing or incomplete fields ultimately translate to missed opportunities.

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s unique aspects like the headline, which users will see anytime they see your name. Your headline allows you to define your title and communicate your offering instantly before someone even clicks on your profile.

Fill in links to your other social profiles and your website in “Contact Info,” and don’t be afraid to restate them in the “About” section. The “About” section serves as the ideal space to communicate your value. The most successful “About” sections are equal parts storytelling and sales pitch. It’s a place to tell people who you are and why you love being a luxury real estate agent, and also to show them what’s different about working with you. In the “Featured” section, point people in the direction of your agent website, property websites, or blog so that more of your work and your listings can draw some attention, too.

Using keywords like “real estate,” “realtor,” or “luxury real estate agent” plus your location or area of service will help people find you more easily. Whether those pop up in your “Experience” list or throughout the rest of your page, they go a long way in drawing new eyes to your profile. Add a professional headshot, and you’re ready to start connecting.

Connect with locals and referral sources

Once your profile reflects your expertise and tells your ideal clients exactly how you can help them, start connecting!

Since LinkedIn displays location, it’s easy to find locals to send invites to. While it might be frowned upon to connect with strangers on Facebook, LinkedIn is built for networking and comes with a more business-focused mindset. Connecting with local professionals—like mortgage brokers, home builders, and HR professionals —who might be able to boost your visibility and recommend you to their contacts and clients is a reasonable and wise move on LinkedIn.

Following local businesses or branches, especially if they’re active on LinkedIn, may also provide essential insights. For example, if a big firm headquartered in your area announces via LinkedIn that they’re bringing on new hires or opening another arm of the business, you’ll have the network to connect with their HR or relocation services department and can offer to help find their new hires housing.

When sending connection invites, especially to people you don’t personally know, add a short personal message to increase your chances of being accepted. While it’s not frowned upon to connect with strangers on LinkedIn, it’s still much nicer to get a quick note about why someone wants to connect and what value you might have to offer one another.

Join groups

Signing up for local LinkedIn groups seamlessly inserts you into conversations where you’re likely to find warm leads. These groups might vary from handymen and referral sources to fellow realtors to broader local networking groups. Often, people will post requests for recommendations or service providers within these groups, so if you’re the token luxury real estate agent in the group, you’ve got a whole stream of warm leads!

Of course, more days than not, there won’t be direct requests for your services. However, you might see questions about mortgages, specific areas, or adjacent service providers like insurance brokers. When those come up, sharing your expertise and recommendations and offering your help will allow you to stay visible, position yourself as a value-add, and make new connections, all without seeming “spammy.”

If you don’t see any local groups that fit your goals, make one! You don’t need any particular credentials to start a group, just the will, and some follow-through. If you’re the one creating it, you may have to put in some effort up-front to begin growing it, but including it in your shared content and mentioning it to current contacts will get the ball rolling in no time.

Post Often

The most common mistake professionals make on LinkedIn is underutilizing it! LinkedIn is a less saturated platform than Facebook or Instagram because people post on it much less. It’s not necessarily that there are fewer people on the platform, but a more significant portion of those users go months without sharing anything compared to, say, Facebook.

LinkedIn offers an ideal space for interacting with anyone you look up to in your field, amplifying other voices, and showing your more critical side. Reflections on life, business, and the local market will fit in fine on your LinkedIn stream, but so will other insightful posts, elevate thoughtful news articles, and add new perspectives on local pieces. Any educational content created for your blog or Youtube channel doubles as ideal LinkedIn content!

Offering up local insights, restaurant recommendations, best local bloggers or favorite dog parks might feel inconsequential, but they illustrate your expertise in your area and invite interaction and conversation! Think about what aspects of your daily life or preferences might help someone who’s newly relocated to your city.

In addition to posting original content and re-sharing others’ posts with a new angle, interacting with other users’ posts on LinkedIn also draws more notice than comments on other social platforms like Instagram. On LinkedIn, posts often spark in-depth discussions and conversations, and it’s great to be a part of them!

Consider Sponsored Posts and LinkedIn Premium

For agents who have flexible marketing budgets, investing in LinkedIn ads or sponsored posts, and LinkedIn Premium is a smart bet. While some of LinkedIn’s ad packages lie out of reach for most smaller firms and independent agents, features like Sponsored Updates and small business advertising options come in handy as affordable and high-impact options. Sponsored Updates allow your posts to appear in the LinkedIn feed of your target audience, which you select and narrow down as you create your post. This means you can segment and specify your messaging depending on who that post is targeting, which helps you get the most reach for your buck.

LinkedIn Premium tips agents off to who might be a warm lead by showing you who’s viewed your profile. With that insight, you can easily follow up with or initiate outreach to potential clients who are actively looking for a realtor! LinkedIn Premium also allows you to send messages to people who aren’t one of your connections.

As with all ads and any marketing expenditures, measure your results all you can. LinkedIn creates handy reports around which posts and ads are resulting in clicks, interactions, and more. Test, test, and test some more, and then look for patterns in what’s working and what’s falling flat. That will give you some direction for content creation and help steer your messaging toward more receptive ears as you refine your target audience.

Opportunities are endless on LinkedIn, and the lack of saturation on this platform is truly exciting! Try your hand at these five tips and watch your leads skyrocket.