Best Practices

When it comes to your real estate business, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn how to fill your pipeline and optimize your processes from the best in the industry.

exterior shot of luxury house or real estate listing

Because the key to consistently generating new listings is building and sustaining a full and effective real estate sales funnel, you must constantly attract …

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Businesswoman smiling in white suit in an office, representing one of the five types of real estate agents

There are significant differences between the different types of real estate agents, including licensing, education levels, experience, fiduciary responsibilities, and expertise. Below, we break …

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Three images on a lilac background representing three of the most popular real estate niches

While it might sound limiting to focus on a specific real estate niche, specializing in one defined area allows you to sharpen your focus, …

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high-converting real estate landing pages screenshot designed by Luxury Presence.

With these 9 tips, learn how to optimize your landing pages to generate a number of leads.

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hashtag made out of neon to represent real estate hashtags for social media

Which hashtags make the biggest impact, and how do you know if they work? In this article, we’ll list top real estate hashtags, offer …

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Hand holding smartphone with many ChatGPT icons on the screen, demonstrating the interest in ChatGPT real estate strategies

While there’s no replacement for content produced by a human with deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge, there are still some smart ways you can …

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A real estate agent searches online for the top real estate domain names to find the best one for his website.

Nowhere is your branding more critical than the domain name used for your website. Effectively, it's the key that unlocks your digital storefront. Learn …

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Laptop showing one of the top real estate instagram accounts on its screen

From accounts with magazine-worthy photographs to gorgeously written content, discover the best (and most luxurious) real estate Instagram accounts.

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Screenshot of a Google search page, illustrating the difficulty of learning how to outrank your competition in google

For real estate agents aiming to elevate their online presence, it’s crucial to understand how to win the battle of the search engine results …

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